What has bubbling Cauldrons, Salamanders, and obsessed, maniacal people stirring the pot? No, It's not a witches coven. It's the cathedral built to the Flaming Order of the Cheesy Salamander.

    Before you bolt in disgust, Sally, above, is the totem of the 
    SCA-cooks listserve. IN-jokes have created her, and she is here 
    for the glory of cooking historically. Wear Sally proudly and see 
    if you can recognise other SCA-cooks by their slamanders.
    A Salamander is a cooking tool used to toast surfaces of food 
    such as cheese. It is heated red hot and waived over the food. How 
    fitting, therefore, that we have chosen Sally as our totem and called
    ourselves the Flaming Order of the Cheesy Salalmander. The achronym is 
    pronounced "FOLKS" or "FOX", if you please, to avoid offending 
    And now that you know, you are now a part of the cathedral founded to 
    worship middle-ages and rennaisance cuisine. 
    Sally has been released to the public domain, and she is reproducible
    without any need for permission from the artist, who refuses to claim
    the crayon'd creation.
    Aoife, cook/invisible artist.

So far, this page has been visited by curious SCA-cooks (or was that KOOKS?).

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