Recipes We have recently "Redacted".

Our group and much of the SCA greatly enjoy this recipe. I will leave
it for you to figure out how to make "Cheese Goo", as it is 
affectionately called, from the original, which is excerpted from 
"The Closet of the Eminent Sir Kenelm Dibgy, Knight, Opened"

Cut pieces of quick, fat, rich, well-tasted cheese (as the best of 
Brye, Cheshire, &c, or sharp thick Cream-cheese) into a dish of thick
beaten melted Butter, that hath served for Sparages or the like, or 
Pease, or other boiled sallet, or ragout of Meat, or gravy of 
Mutton: and, if you will, Chop some of the Asparages among it, or 
slices of Gambon of bacon, or fresh-collops, or Onions, or 
Sibboulets, or Anchovies, and set all this to melt upon a Chafing-dish
 of coals, and stir all well together, to Incorporate them, and when a
ll is of an equal consistence, strew some gross White-pepper on it, 
and eat it with tosts or crusts of White-bread. You may scorch it at 
the top with a hot Fire-shovel.