Kids in the Historical Redaction Kitchen


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Related Links

Food Safety

A MiscellanyCariadoc and Elizabeths famous SCAdian resource including some very good historical cooking information with recipes! Please note that copy rights have been graciously granted by the authors for SCAdian and historical research purposes.

Aoife's webpage for the Endless Hills Cooks

Stephans Florilegiuma compendium of great advice and information on things historical and SCAdian, including food.

Medieval Recipes from various Sources (some pre-medieval)

A Feast for the Eyes (historical images of historical food and feasting)

A definition of terms regarding sweets at a feast, by Dame Alys Katherine.

Middle Kingdom Cooks Collegium pages

Ordre du Saint-Esprit---renaissance recipes from the order of Renaissance Chivalry

Charles Perrys Translation of An Anonymous Andalusion Cookbook of the 13th Century

Valoise Armstrongs translation of Das Kuchbuck der Sabrina Welserin

Elizabeth Cooks translation of Du Fait de Cuisine

Janet Hintons Menagier de Paris.

Medieval and Renaissance Cookery Webring Homepage

Medieval and Rennaisance Food Webpage